The Captain's Log

The Whatnauts Captain's Log is a weekly off-topic podcast from the The Whatnauts where we get into all sorts of trouble, talk about life, love, robots, and other misadventures. Come hang out with us.

The Captain's Log 18 - Eric Manix's Video Game History

Eric Manix’s Video Game History – The Captain’s Log | Ep. 18

Eric Manix's video game history. You have all heard Eric Manix talk about comics and podcasting and photography, but what ...
The Captain's Log 17 - Kiss The Membership Ring Bitches

Kiss The Membership Ring Bitches – The Captain’s Log | Ep. 17

What if we had membership rings instead of membership cards? That's right, kiss the membership ring bitches! We would be ...
The Captain's Log 16 - G. Willow Wilson Will Be Writing Wonder Woman

G. Willow Wilson Will Be Writing Wonder Woman – The Captain’s Log | Ep.16

DC comics recently announced that G. Willow Wilson will be writing Wonder Woman. Her work on Ms. Marvel is highly ...
The Captain's Log 15 - Bags of Milk and the DC Universe

Bags of Milk and the DC Universe – The Captain’s Log | Ep. 15

When was the last time you lost your debit card? Isn't that a terrible feeling? Kyle Springer lost his debit ...
The Captain's Log 14 - Robots, Vampires, and Snapchat. Oh my!

Leto as Morbius? – The Captain’s Log | Ep. 14

We get breaking news from Snapchat, Jared Leto as Morbius the Living Vampire, and Disney is making robots that will ...
The Captain's Log 13 - Toot Boy

Toot Boy – The Captain’s Log | Ep. 13

WE ARE BACK! This is the first new episode of The Captain's Log since Paul left and we are excited ...
The Captain's Log 12 - Farewell Paul

Farewell Paul – The Captain’s Log | Ep. 12

Hey everyone! Unfortunately, The Whatnauts is going on hiatus for the time being. Namely because Paul is stepping down. Farewell ...