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Every week on The Captain's Log we come together to hang out and shed the weight of the week. First, it's shenanigans, then it's nonsense. Either way, we are here to have some fun. Previously exclusive to patreon supporters, this podcast is now available to everyone. Basically, we wanted to make sure you dont miss a beat. Thus, new episodes are available every Monday. Additionally, you can catch us live every Friday night at 9pm eastern time on twitch!

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The Sinister All - The Captain's Log 79

The Sinister All – The Captain’s Log 79

Melissa recaps the Jeopardy championships and has become fascinated by the sure-to-flop movie Dolittle. Kyle ...
I Am Pizza Lord - The Captain's Log 78

I Am Pizza Lord! – The Captain’s Log 78

It's the first Captain's Log of 2020 and Kyle has ascended this plane of existence ...
4th Anniversary Retrospective

4th Anniversary Retrospective

It's our 4th birthday! Wow. It feels like it's been forever. Whether you have stuck ...
Naughty Boy, Nice Baby - The Captain's Log 77

Naughty Boy, Nice Baby – The Captain’s Log 77

It's the final episode of 2019! We discuss the upcoming Star Wars film, as well ...
Chill Lo-fi Beats To Vomit To - The Captain's Log 76

Chill Lo-fi Beats To Vomit To – The Captain’s Log 76

It's been two weeks since our last episode due to some technical difficulties and illness, ...
Trivia Night - The Captain's Log Exclusive 3

Trivia Night – The Captain’s Log Exclusive

It's Trivia night here at The Whatnauts, so Kyle and Melissa quiz each other with ...
Check the Teeth - The Captain's Log 75

Check the Teeth – The Captain’s Log 75

Who would have thunk that Sonic would be cute again? A new trailer for the ...
My Parents Met Kanye Without Me - The Captain's Log 74

My Parents Met Kanye Without Me – The Captain’s Log 74

We never expected it, but Kyle's parents met Kanye West and somehow neglected to tell ...
We Are Pretty Impressed With HBO Max - The Captain's Log 73

We Are Pretty Impressed With HBO Max – The Captain’s Log 73

Kyle tells the story of his motivational muscle car. HBO Max announced a bunch of ...
Turning Old Episodes in Horror Stories - The Captain's Log 72

Turning Old Episodes Into Horror Stories – The Captain’s Log 72

It is almost Halloween and so we decided to make a new tradition of turning ...
Imma Get This Sink Hole And Give It To My Daughter - The Captain's Log 71

Imma Get This Sink Hole And Give It To My Daughter – The Captain’s Log 71

We are keeping it short this week, but diving into the extensive list of movies ...
Melissa Steals The Luck - The Captain's Log 70

Melissa Steals The Luck – The Captain’s Log 70

The results of our poll on whether Star Wars or Star Trek is sexier are ...