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Every week on The Captain's Log we come together to hang out and shed the weight of the week. First, it's shenanigans, then it's nonsense. Either way, we are here to have some fun. Previously exclusive to patreon supporters, this podcast is now available to everyone. Basically, we wanted to make sure you dont miss a beat. Thus, new episodes are available every Monday. Additionally, you can catch us live every Friday night at 9pm eastern time on twitch!

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Enter Sandlord - The Captains Log 98

Enter Sandlord – The Captains Log 98

This is the first episode of the show recorded on Kyle's new homemade computer! Hear ...
Emotional Support Cookie - The Captain's Log 97

Emotional Support Cookie – The Captain’s Log 97

We are art nerds and talk about pulling all-nighters and keeping our lives organized. Kyle ...
Superheroes: The Musical - The Captain's Log 96

Superheroes: The Musical – The Captain’s Log 96

Why aren't there more musicals based on superhero stories? You have bad luck with Spider-Man: ...
A Clean One For Mom - The Captain's Log 95

A Clean One For Mom – The Captain’s Log 95

We attempt to do a mom-friendly podcast! Kyle doesn't cuss any swears! There is talk ...
The Prettiest Rhino - The Captain's Log 94

The Prettiest Rhino – The Captain’s Log 94

Ignacio joins Kyle and Melissa this week for a discussion on ranking zoo animals, mom ...
100 Piece Chicken Meal - The Captain's Log 93

100 Piece Chicken Meal – The Captain’s Log 93

After some discussion on expensive furniture and questionable Zoom backgrounds, we remember the sober fun ...
Night Places (Places at Night) - The Captain's Log 92

Night Places (Places at Night) – The Captain’s Log 92

You're heard her name mentioned every episode as a Patron supporter, now Sam joins us ...
Backyard Quicksand - The Captain's Log 91

Backyard Quicksand – The Captain’s Log 91

The big topic this week is what our dream houses would look like! We discuss ...
Extra Sith Boy - The Captain's Log 90

Extra Sith Boy – The Captain’s Log 90

We have news on the topic you're most worried about: the Artemis Fowl movie. We ...
The Soundtrack to Sam's Club - The Captain's Log 89

The Soundtrack to Sam’s Club – The Captain’s Log 89

We discuss the narrative important of milk in the movie 1917 and Monster Energy drinks ...
Quarantine Begins - The Captain's Log 88

Quarantine Begins – The Captain’s Log 88

Kyle and Melissa report on their first weeks working solely from home, what media they've ...
Hot Copperfield Summer - The Captain's Log 87

Hot Copperfield Summer – The Captain’s Log 87

There's one institution that won't be affected by massive coronavirus closures, and that's podcasts recorded ...