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Every week on The Captain's Log we come together to hang out and shed the weight of the week. First, it's shenanigans, then it's nonsense. Either way, we are here to have some fun. Previously exclusive to patreon supporters, this podcast is now available to everyone. Basically, we wanted to make sure you dont miss a beat. Thus, new episodes are available every Monday. Additionally, you can catch us live every Friday night at 9pm eastern time on twitch!

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More Time To Die - The Captain's Log 86

More Time To Die – The Captain’s Log 86

Kyle tells a DMV horror story and Melissa remembers being 10 years old and accidentally ...
The Squarespace Mystery - The Captain's Log 85

The Squarespace Mystery – The Captain’s Log 85

Did your family ever meet with a traveling meat salesman? Kyle has been investigating a ...
D&D Characters -  The Captain's Log Exclusive

D&D Characters – The Captain’s Log Exclusive

We create D&D characters on this Patreon exclusive episode of The Captain's Log. Click the ...
The Devil's Wiggle - The Captain's Log 84

The Devil’s Wiggle – The Captain’s Log 84

We discuss art shows, excessively-themed stores, and weird giant sculptures and animatronics. We each try ...
Cosplaying at the Oscars - The Captain's Log 83

Cosplaying at the Oscars – The Captain’s Log 83

Melissa takes advantage of her pizza lineage and Kyle tells us how to hack a ...
Rotten Tomatoes Movie Predictions 2020 - The Captain's Log 82

Rotten Tomatoes Movie Predictions 2020 – The Captain’s Log 82

We're starting a new tradition on the Captain's Log! We looked at 22 major movies ...
Always Practice Safe Cakes - The Captain's Log 81

Always Practice Safe Cakes – The Captain’s Log 81

Much like Han, Pizza Lord is back in business. Justice for Pizza Lord! We try ...
The Calzone Throne - The Captain's Log 80

The Calzone Throne – The Captain’s Log 80

Melissa tries a new beauty gadget and explains the plot of Dolittle. Kyle has a ...
Members Only - Fantasy Movie Draft - The Captain's Log Exclusive

Fantasy Movie Draft – The Captain’s Log Exclusive

For this Patreon exclusive episode of The Captain's Log we take turns picking 5 movies ...
The Sinister All - The Captain's Log 79

The Sinister All – The Captain’s Log 79

Melissa recaps the Jeopardy championships and has become fascinated by the sure-to-flop movie Dolittle. Kyle ...
I Am Pizza Lord - The Captain's Log 78

I Am Pizza Lord! – The Captain’s Log 78

It's the first Captain's Log of 2020 and Kyle has ascended this plane of existence ...
4th Anniversary Retrospective

4th Anniversary Retrospective

It's our 4th birthday! Wow. It feels like it's been forever. Whether you have stuck ...