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Every week on The Captain's Log we come together to hang out and shed the weight of the week. First, it's shenanigans, then it's nonsense. Either way, we are here to have some fun. Previously exclusive to patreon supporters, this podcast is now available to everyone. Basically, we wanted to make sure you dont miss a beat. Thus, new episodes are available every Monday. Additionally, you can catch us live every Friday night at 9pm eastern time on twitch!

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The Captain's Log 15 - Bags of Milk and the DC Universe

Bags of Milk and the DC Universe – The Captain’s Log | Ep. 15

When was the last time you lost your debit card? Isn't that a terrible feeling? ...
The Captain's Log 14 - Robots, Vampires, and Snapchat. Oh my!

Leto as Morbius? – The Captain’s Log | Ep. 14

We get breaking news from Snapchat, Jared Leto as Morbius the Living Vampire, and Disney ...
The Captain's Log 13 - Toot Boy

Toot Boy – The Captain’s Log | Ep. 13

WE ARE BACK! This is the first new episode of The Captain's Log since Paul ...
The Captain's Log 12 - Farewell Paul

Farewell Paul – The Captain’s Log | Ep. 12

Hey everyone! Unfortunately, The Whatnauts is going on hiatus for the time being. Namely because ...

Facebook and Cambridge Analytica – The Captain’s Log 11

This week we kick off the show talking about how relationships are like gardens, then ...

How We Communicate – The Captain’s Log 10

This is an impromptu episode we recorded after discussing some possible changes to our podcasts ...

Is the Marvel Cinematic Universe The New Religion? – The Captain’s Log 09

We got a couple more Netflix shows to talk about including Money Heist and Babylon ...

Vero And The Future Of Social Media – The Captain’s Log 08

We discuss a documentary called The Eagle Huntress, and the new live action adaption of ...

Marvel’s Fresh New Start Is The Same Old Fart – The Captain’s Log 07

Paul reaches enlightenment, Marvel comics gives their books a (not so) fresh start, and some ...

Buttholes in Star Trek & Ideas You Wish You Had – The Captain’s Log 06

Star Trek Discovery, Carnival, a couple awesome podcast like The Bright sessions and Weird Heat ...

Video Games Is Demon Possession – The Captain’s Log 05

On this episode of The Captain's Log we talk all about Altered Carbon, The Cloverfield ...

How Many Streaming Services Are Too Many? – The Captian’s Log 04

This week Kyle gets sick, drunk, and goes to a comedy club. Paul meets some ...