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Every week on The Captain's Log we have a blast talking about all the pop culture news that has caught our eyes, share stories from our lives, and get into all kinds of shenanigans. Either way, we are here to have some fun and get to know one another. Kick back and laugh with us!

It always feels good to just hang out with your friends and goof off. That's the feeling that we want to achieve here on The Captain's Log. It's a place for the crew members of The Whatnauts to come together and get to know one another better. Hopefully you will get to know us better too. New episodes are available every Monday. Additionally, you can catch us live every Friday night at 9pm eastern time on twitch!

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Fantasy Dad Draft - The Captain's Log 240

Fantasy Dad Draft – The Captain’s Log 240

Friend of the show Jacq joins us again for a fantasy draft of our ideal ...
Bears You Could Lift - The Captain's Log 239

Bears You Could Lift – The Captain’s Log 239

Do you think you could pick up Paddington? Is he heavy? We know he must ...
Summer Game Fest PREDICTIONS 2023: The Magic 8 Ball's Challenge - The Captain's Log 238

Summer Game Fest Predictions 2023: The Magic 8 Ball’s Challenge – The Captain’s Log 238

Ignacio is on the podcast this week, joining forces with Kyle to quiz a clueless ...
The Last Propanebender - The Captain's Log 237

The Last Propanebender – The Captain’s Log 237

We don't know what beverages are and aren't cocktails, all we know is that we ...
Hot IMAX Summer - The Captain's Log 236

Hot IMAX Summer – The Captain’s Log 236

Melissa updates us on Drops of God and commits herself to living large and seeing ...
America's Funniest Home Podcast - The Captain's Log 235

America’s Funniest Home Podcast – The Captain’s Log 235

We discuss Kyle's dad discovering the "new" "trend" of dad jokes and wonder if you ...
Obsidian League Showdown - The Captain's Log 234

Obsidian League Showdown – The Captain’s Log 234

Kyle has the final results of his competition with a Duolingo rival. Melissa is excited ...
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Venom - The Captain's Log 233

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Venom – The Captain’s Log 233

Primal forces are at work when Melissa goes to a live production of Wicked. Kyle ...
This Ride Is Hell - The Captain's Log 232

This Ride Is Hell – The Captain’s Log 232

Kyle questions the ranking of a list of top Disneyland rides, and Melissa reveals the ...
Mario Human Hands - The Captain's Log 231

Mario Human Hands – The Captain’s Log 231

We're discussing the news out of Star Wars celebration, including the Ashoka trailer, movie announcements, ...
Hello, Pocky Time! - The Captain's Log 230

Hello, Pocky Time! – The Captain’s Log 230

Kyle finds another false Luigi. Melissa introduces us to Smoke Woman. We both watched the ...
I Fell Into a Vat at Six Flags - The Captain's Log 229

I Fell Into a Vat at Six Flags – The Captain’s Log 229

Kyle laments the missed opportunity of Mecha March and the lie that is Luigi's Pizza ...