We record video for many of our podcasts and we livestream some of them too. As you can see, this is where you can catch us streaming live on the web. First, we do all our livestreams on Twitch and our private livestreams on our YouTube channel. What's more, we post the link to those private livestreams on our Discord server in out Patreon member only channel. So, if you want to catch all our streams, then be sure to support us on Patreon.

However, you can catch the livestreams of The Captain's Log right here every Friday night at 9pm eastern time. Secondly, we may even play some video games randomly on here too. So, be sure to follow our twitch channel and come chat with us. Furthermore, follow our Twitter so you can find out about any changes or delays to our usual times.

Lastly, if you miss the livestreams, you can catch us on Youtube a couple days later. However, if you support us on Patreon you can get early access to those episodes.