Mission Report – All New Website. May 2018

Mission Report, May 2018.

What’s going on everybody?

I am writing this a couple days later than I wanted to, but sometimes life just gets in the way of your plans, you know? So here I am, finally getting to the good stuff from this past month.

May has been exciting month for us. The first big exciting news we have here on the Mission Report is that we have officially relaunched our website! Go check out thewhatnauts.com for a one stop shop for everything from The Whatnauts. All our shows will be posted there, as well as articles and updated like this one, plus a lot more down the road. Go take a look!

Next up… Our podcasts have finally gotten their separate RSS feeds! That means that if you want to subscribe to The Review Show, but not The Captain’s Log, then you can do that! You can subscribe to as many of them as you want. Just search for The Whatnauts is whatever podcast app you use and all our shows should appear (expect for spotify. A master feed is up on Spotify but not the individual feeds yet. We are working on that). So please, IF YOU ARE SUBSCRIBED TO OUR MASTER FEED SIMPLY CALLED THE WHATNAUTS, GO SUBSCRIBE TO THE INDIVIDUAL FEEDS INSTEAD! That would help us out a lot as we will soon be hiding that feed.

Anyways, here is all the episodes we published this month in case you missed any:


  1. E.T. – The Extraterrestrial
  2. Kids on the Slope
  3. Much Ado About Nothing
  4. Strangers in Paradise


  1. Solo: A Star Wars Story

And there you have it folks. That was our month, and we are super excited for June. Which… might have the return of The Captain’s Log?? We shall see.

For now, go check out our website and consider supporting us patreon if you aren’t all ready because we would love to have your support.

Till next month, space cadets!

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