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CSI - Pilot's Club 14

CSI – Pilot’s Club 14

This month on the pilots club, we watched the pilot of the original CSI from 2000. We discuss how the ...
Poochinski - Pilot's Club 13

Poochinski – Pilot’s Club 13

What a weird and wild pilot episode we have this time. Poochinski may have never made it to an actual ...
Birdgirl - Pilot's Club 12

Birdgirl – Pilot’s Club 12

For the start for 2023 we are taking to the skies! Well, kind of. We are watching the pilot episode ...
Smash - Pilot's Club 11

Smash – Pilot’s Club 11

We watched the pilot of Smash, a 2012 television show about the making of a Broadway production focusing on Marilyn ...
Mystery Incorporated - Pilot's Club 10

Mystery Incorporated – Pilot’s Club 10

We watched episode one of the fan-produced Scooby-Doo adaptation Mystery Incorporated! We discuss how this show fits into the genre ...
Mockingbird Lane - Pilot's Club 9

Mockingbird Lane – Pilot’s Club 9

This month on the Pilot's Club we watched Mockingbird Lane, a modern take on The Munsters that never made it ...
The Shield - Pilot's Club 8

The Shield – Pilot’s Club 8

This month on the Pilot's Club we check out The Shield, a critically acclaimed crime and police procedural that is ...
Small Wonder - Pilot's Club 7

Small Wonder – Pilot’s Club 7

This month on the Pilot's Club we check out Small Wonder, a sitcom often considered one of the worst TV ...
Wonder Woman (2011) - Pilots Club 6

Wonder Woman (2011) – Pilots Club 6

In 2011 an unaired pilot episode of a potential new Wonder Woman show was created. It is infamously bad. So ...
The West Wing - Pilot's Club 5

The West Wing – Pilot’s Club 5

Welcome to the Pilot's Club, our monthly Patreon exclusive show where we watch the pilot episode of a different television ...
Yasuke Pilot's Club - Patreon Exclusive 11

Yasuke – Pilot’s Club 4

For our Pilot's Club this month, we discuss the first episode of Yasuke on Netflix ...
Double Pilot's - Patreon Exclusive 11

The Endgame & Doom Patrol – Pilot’s Club 2 & 3

Double your Pilot's, double your fun. After messing our Patreon content up for a couple months (yikes), we are back ...