Embracer Group Strikes again and Gamescom 2022 is here

Embracer Group Strikes again and Gamescom 2022 is here

Episode 130. Embracer Group went on a spending spree this past week buying up multiple studios as well as the IP rights to The Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit, and other Middle Earth related works. On top of that, Gamescom 2022 is here. Geoff Keighley kicked it all off with Opening Night Live and had a number of cool gaming announcemnts and trailers including Dead Island 2! Video games are finally back, babyyy!

00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:10 – Coming up on today’s show
00:00:47 – Welcome and banter
00:07:19 – What we’ve been playing
00:07:36 – Final Fantasy X
00:12:48 – Digimon Survive
00:18:39 – Dying Light 2
00:26:14 – Saints Row
00:34:19 – Housekeeping
00:37:37 – Video game news of the week
00:37:48 – Embracer group buys IP rights to The Lord of The Rings and more
00:46:53 – KOTOR Remake may be switching developers
00:50:46 – Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022 roundup
01:27:00 – Dead Island 2 new trailer and release date
01:35:55 – July 2022 NPD numbers
01:40:25 – New and notable video games releasing this week and a few other dates
01:45:43 – Lightning Round: Other video game headlines this week
01:55:56 – What we are excited for this week
01:58:21 – Outro

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