Popcorn Orphans – The Captains Log 102

We discuss what should go in a Chex Mix, our favorite cereals, and when to eat a pot pie. We share fond memories of weird things our moms have eaten or gotten spilled on them. Miss ya, moms! Take all the napkins you want! Kyle raves about the Netflix sci-fi drama Dark. Melissa raves about the Netflix coming-of-age comedy The Babysitter’s Club. The eventual upcoming The Batman movie is already supposed to get a spinoff show about the Gotham PD. What other movies do you want a spinoff show from? Also, did your local library have a Bookmobile, a magical traveling RV full of books?

The Whatnauts Captain’s Log is a weekly podcast where we talk about some of the latest pop culture news, share stories from our daily lives, play games, or whatever else we can think of.

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