The Reactor Corps

The Reactor Corps is a show for reaction videos and podcasts of all sorts. You will see discussions on the latest TV shows, spoiler filled podcasts for the hottest new movies, trailer reactions, and more. But this show is built to be more Youtube-centric as our trailer reactions and other shorter content may hit our Youtube channel first or exclusively, but most of it will make it's way to the podcast feed as well.

The idea to do more reaction style content has always been there for us. We wanted to talk about the big blockbuster movies we had just seen in theaters, or the brand new Netflix shows we were binge watching, but we never felt those discussions fit into the structures in place on our other shows despite being similar. Plus, a trailer reaction that is 10 minutes or less doesn't make for a great podcast by itself. It took us a while, but we finally have The Reactor Corps in a place we are happy about and we are making content we really enjoy. We hope you enjoy it too.

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