The Boy And The Beast – The Whatnauts Podcast 32

On this episode we discuss the animated film, The Boy And The Beast. We are also joined by special guest, Ryan Estrada. Ren, a young boy living on the streets of Shibuya, stumbles into the Beast Kingdom, a magical world where animals can talk. The Lord of the Beast Kingdom has named two potential successors and will have them fight to determine who will be the new Lord. In the meantime, the Lord suggests that the lazy and lonely Kumatetsu take a disciple to help inspire him to succeed.

The Whatnauts Podcast was the original podcast that we launched here at The Whatnauts. It was a weekly book club style show covering everything from comics to television shows, movies, anime, and more. Today, The Whatnauts Podcast is now known as The Review Show. We rebooted it, rebranded it, and gave it a nice little spit shine to make it sparkle.

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