Akumetsu vol. 1-4 – The Whatnauts Podcast 21

On this episode we discuss the first four volumes of Akumetsu, a manga about a masked terrorist who seems to be targeting Japan’s corrupt upper class. Shiina was just an average high-school girl when her father’s company went bankrupt. Desperate to make ends meet she ends up prostituting herself out to Japan’s rich and elite upper class. But while she is attending her very first orgy, a masked man calling himself Akumetsu shows up, gives a speech to the public highlighting the corruption of Japan’s upper class, and then proceeds to murder the prominent guests violently. The problem is that Shiina thinks she knows the person behind the mask.

The Whatnauts Podcast was the original podcast that we launched here at The Whatnauts. It was a weekly book club style show covering everything from comics to television shows, movies, anime, and more. Today, The Whatnauts Podcast is now known as The Review Show. We rebooted it, rebranded it, and gave it a nice little spit shine to make it sparkle.

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