About The Whatnauts

Making podcasts and exploring the universe.

The Whatnauts started with two friends just wanting to talk about pop culture. Now, we are a small team of independent podcasters and content creators doing what we love.  In 2016 we launched our first show, The Whatnauts Podcast, and we've grown to have multiple podcasts since including The Review Show, The Captain's Log, The Pilot's Club, The Reactor Corps, and Crossplay. We cover everything from comics to movies, anime, television shows, and more. We would love it if you checked all our shows out and join us in exploring the universe.

Where did you come up with your name, The Whatnauts?

When our team of scientists and engineers created the brilliance that was our first podcast, they said we could talk about anything.  As can be seen, we discuss movies, comics, television shows, anime, manga, and whatnot. Indeed! It was the idea of "whatnot" that both captured our imaginations and inspired us. We could do anything. Think of the countless universes we could explore and conquer! So, we likened ourselves to both astronauts and cosmonauts. Then BAM! Finally, the two words had sex and The Whatnauts was born.

Meet the Captains

And there came a day unlike any other, when earth's mightiest heroes were united against a common threat! On that day The Whatnauts were born! -- To fight the foes no single hero could withstand!


Kyle Springer

The elusive co-founder.

Kyle's a graphic designer working in Marketing who spends his time reading comics, playing video games, and binge watching anime, television shows and movies. What a dork, am I right?

Melissa Wilkinson

Melissa Wilkinson

The Best of the Midwest.

Melissa's day job is in academic journals and when she isn't podcasting, she's winning bar trivia, baking elaborate desserts, and driving around the suburbs with big house dreams.


Ignacio Rojas

The Chilean Super Saiyan.

Hailing all the way from Chile, Ignacio is currently studying Electrical Engineering. Ignacio is also a huge Dragonball Z fan and avid video game enthusiast when he isn't podcasting.