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The Whatnauts Pilot’s Club is a podcast all about the pilot episodes of television shows and the many reasons why they may or may not be worth a watch. Every month we pick a different pilot episode to watch and then discuss it here on our show.

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Bosch - Pilot's Club 29

Bosch – Pilot’s Club 29

This month we investigate the pilot of the long-running Amazon Prime detective series, Bosch. We discuss the kaleidoscopic opening credits, ...
Pan Am - Pilot's Club 28

Pan Am – Pilot’s Club 28

This month the Pilot's Club features an actual pilot in the 2011 show Pan Am, about a group of young ...
Shogun - Pilot's Club 27

Shogun – Pilot’s Club 27

This month, we watched the first episode of the current hit TV miniseries Shogun. We ask if the show gives ...
Welcome to Eltingville - Pilot's Club 26

Welcome to Eltingville – Pilot’s Club 26

We watched the pilot of Welcome to Eltingville, based on the comics of Evan Dorkin. It didn't go to series, ...
Heat Vision & Jack - Pilot's Club 25

Heat Vision & Jack – Pilot’s Club 25

We watched the 1999 pilot for Heat Vision & Jack, starring Jack Black as an experimental astronaut on the run, ...
Reboot - Pilot's Club 24

Reboot – Pilot’s Club 24

We watched the pilot for the 2022 Hulu meta-sitcom Reboot, about the cast of an early 2000s sitcom reuniting for ...
Unicorn: Warriors Eternal - Pilot's Club 23

Unicorn: Warriors Eternal – Pilot’s Club 23

This month on the Pilot's Club we watched the two-part pilot to the new Genndy Tartakovsky animated series Unicorn: Warriors ...
Manifest - Pilot's Club 22

Manifest – Pilot’s Club 22

This month we're talking about the pilot of Manifest, a 2018 NBC show that was picked up to conclude on ...
The Amazing Screw-on Head - Pilot's Club 21

The Amazing Screw-On Head – Pilot’s Club 21

We watched the 2006 animated pilot The Amazing Screw-On Head, based on a comic by Mike Mignola, and executive produced ...
Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty - Pilot's Club 20

Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty – Pilot’s Club 20

We watched the pilot episode of Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty, a newish HBO show dramatizing the ...
Veronica Mars - Pilot's Club 19

Veronica Mars – Pilot’s Club 19

We watched the pilot episode of the 2004 teen neo-noir Veronica Mars. Topics include: intense color filters, not knowing who ...
Cable Girls - Pilots Club 18

Cable Girls – Pilot’s Club 18

This month on the Pilots Club, we watched the first episode of Cable Girls, a 2017 Netflix original series from ...