The Captain's Log

The Captain's Log is a podcast where we can talk about all the pop culture news that has caught our attention, share stories from our lives, and get into all kinds of shenanigans. We play games, talk about the movies and TV shows we are watching, and have a great time just hanging out.

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The Reverse Godfather - The Captain's Log 272

The Reverse Godfather – The Captain’s Log 272

Kyle asks if modern screen acting performances have more spit and snot than ever before ...
Roboburger - The Captain's Log 271

Roboburger – The Captain’s Log 271

Kyle spots the menacing figure from the Neighborhood Watch sign in real life. Melissa asks ...
Drawing Pokemon From Memory - The Captain's Log 270

Drawing Pokemon From Memory – The Captain’s Log 270

You think you know what Bulbasaur looks like, but how accurately can you draw him ...
The Three-Meat Problem - The Captain's Log 269

The Three-Meat Problem – The Captain’s Log 269

If you can dream it, can you dog it! For this year's annual "Eat Vision ...
Retired Local B-Boy - The Captain's Log 268

Retired Local B-Boy – The Captain’s Log 268

Every episode of this podcast is an indulgent bachelor's weekend, and this week's indulgences include: ...
Back to the Ouchie Box - The Captain's Log 267

Back to the Ouchie Box – The Captain’s Log 267

The Wet Awards return, our annual ranking of the year's Best Picture nominees on a ...
What Isn't a Gusher? - The Captain's Log 266

What Isn’t a Gusher? – The Captain’s Log 266

Is a Hot Pocket a Gusher? Why are there a hundred different kinds of apples ...
Melissa Explains it Ball - The Captain's Log 265

Melissa Explains it Ball – The Captain’s Log 265

Melissa makes good on Kyle's challenge for her to explain what football is, in this ...
The Scent of Crime - The Captain's Log 264

The Scent of Crime – The Captain’s Log 264

Would-be car thieves leave something strange behind after breaking a window in Melissa's beloved Hyundai ...
Three Thumbs Up - The Captain's Log 263

Three Thumbs Up – The Captain’s Log 263

We welcome the new year with a complete discussion on our entertainment experiences in 2023, ...
The Whatnauts 8th Annual Grand Prix

The Whatnauts 8th Annual Grand Prix

Join us for the 8th anniversary retrospective, which we've now declared will be called a ...
The Cousining - The Captain's Log 262

The Cousining – The Captain’s Log 262

Kyle shares some uplifting conversations overheard in an airport. Melissa brings us another historic moment ...