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Every week on The Captain's Log we have a blast talking about all the pop culture news that has caught our eyes, share stories from our lives, and get into all kinds of shenanigans. Either way, we are here to have some fun and get to know one another. Kick back and laugh with us!

It always feels good to just hang out with your friends and goof off. That's the feeling that we want to achieve here on The Captain's Log. It's a place for the crew members of The Whatnauts to come together and get to know one another better. Hopefully you will get to know us better too. New episodes are available every Monday. Additionally, you can catch us live every Friday night at 9pm eastern time on twitch!

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You Wouldn't Download a Swamp - The Captain's Log 221

You Wouldn’t Download a Swamp – The Captain’s Log 221

We've got mega DC news this week! We discuss the slate of newly announced shows ...
A Gold Statue for the Robot Man - The Captain's Log 220

A Gold Statue for the Robot Man – The Captain’s Log 220

We're brainstorming ideas to "gamify" our other podcast The Review Show, by introducing Who Wants ...
Shrek Mailbox - The Captain's Log 219

Shrek Mailbox – The Captain’s Log 219

We're planning out special event Captain's Log episodes for later this year, such as a ...
The Newest Constellation - The Captain's Log 218

The Newest Constellation – The Captain’s Log 218

Welcome to 2023 at the Captain's Log, where we try to remember Toad the Wet ...
7 Year Anniversary Retrospective

7 Year Anniversary Retrospective

Kyle and Melissa and a surprise appearance by Ignacio are here for our annual year-end ...
The Cool Step Scene - The Captain's Log 217

The Cool Step Scene – The Captain’s Log 217

It's our final Captain's Log of the year! We share Log memories and some of ...
Rotten Tomatoes Movie Predictions 2023 - The Captain's Log 216

Rotten Tomatoes Movie Predictions 2023 – The Captain’s Log 216

It's the most tomato time of year! We continue our annual tradition of guessing the ...
The Gonch - The Captain's Log 215

The Gonch – The Captain’s Log 215

We're back from our Thanksgiving break to recap what we've been watching: the Korean zombie ...
Jim the Wonder Dog - The Captain's Log 214

Jim the Wonder Dog – The Captain’s Log 214

This week we explore weirdly specific symbols of our states, which starts at Missouri's psychic ...
The Beanie Meanie - The Captain's Log 213

The Beanie Meanie – The Captain’s Log 213

We're looking for a soda sommelier in the central timezone! Kyle watched the supernatural K-drama ...
Proud Neighbor of a Kevin McAllister - The Captain's Log 212

Proud Neighbor of a Kevin McAllister – The Captain’s Log 212

We have updates on Melissa's fantasy monster draft, and the mystery flavor of Mtn Dew ...
McRib Sterling IV: The Order of the Franks - The Captain's Log 211

McRib Sterling IV: The Order of the Franks – The Captain’s Log 211

Your ghost hosts Pizza Lord and The Resurrected Spirit of a 90s Taco Bell are ...