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Every week on The Captain's Log we have a blast talking about all the pop culture news that has caught our eyes, share stories from our lives, and get into all kinds of shenanigans. Either way, we are here to have some fun and get to know one another. Kick back and laugh with us!

It always feels good to just hang out with your friends and goof off. That's the feeling that we want to achieve here on The Captain's Log. It's a place for the crew members of The Whatnauts to come together and get to know one another better. Hopefully you will get to know us better too. New episodes are available every Monday. Additionally, you can catch us live every Friday night at 9pm eastern time on twitch!

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The Drive-Thru Debate - The Captain's Log 207

The Drive-Thru Debate – The Captain’s Log 207

We're trying a new game this week! Kyle and Melissa draft fast food restaurants, and ...
Death and the Suburban Looky-Loo - The Captain's Log 206

Death and the Suburban Looky-Loo – The Captain’s Log 206

Melissa enjoys the rare night off to go see The Woman King. Kyle watches the ...
Balloons for Vengeance - The Captain's Log 205

Balloons for Vengence – The Captain’s Log 205

We recap the announcements and trailers from D23 and update our bingo sheets on the ...
The Beverage Detective - The Captain's Log 204

The Beverage Detective – The Captain’s Log 204

What are you supposed to do when a Queen dies? Do you recap several limited ...
DVD Memories - The Captain's Log 203

DVD Memories – The Captain’s Log 203

Netflix is now 25 years old, and we look back on our early days with ...
Podswap - The Captain's Log 202

Podswap – The Captain’s Log 202

Kyle and Melissa have switched podcast subscriptions for a week! Despite being podcast co-hosts for ...
Put Chili's on the Calendar - The Captain's Log 201

Put Chili’s on the Calendar – The Captain’s Log 201

Melissa watched Final Destination, and only wants to talk about the part where a kid ...
The 200th Episode Street Shark-tacular - The Captain's Log 200

The 200th Episode Street Shark-tacular – The Captain’s Log 200

It's our 200th episode live-in-person spectacular! Melissa recaps her road trip to visit Kyle in ...
The Box of Scraps Gang - The Captain's Log 199

The Box of Scraps Gang – The Captain’s Log 199

Kyle tells us how Elvis got into wearing capes, and tries to sell Melissa on ...
Comic Con Bingo - The Captain's Log 198

Comic Con Bingo – The Captain’s Log 198

What did you do to celebrate San Diego Comic Con this year? Did you leave ...
Food on the Fringe - The Captain's Log 197

Food on the Fringe – The Captain’s Log 197

We read the tales of a Subway sandwich order from your nightmares, and a phantom ...
Dark Berry Endtimes - The Captain's Log 196

Dark Berry Endtimes – The Captain’s Log 196

We try to understand the difference between Mtn Dew "Dark Berry" and "Dark Berry Bash." ...