Our Shows

We have multiple shows here at The Whatnauts and we would love for you to check them all out. Basically, our podcasts include The Review Show, a book-club style podcast covering everything from comics to movies, anime, television shows, and more. Next, The Captain's Log is our weekly off-topic show where we can goof off and share stories from our lives. After that, Crossplay, is our weekly video game podcast discussing the latest news and the games we/ve been playing. Finally, The Reactor Corps is a special podcast we do for all the spoilercasts of the latest and greatest movie blockbusters or Netflix shows we just can't help but talk about. We hope you enjoy them!

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The Review Show

A weekly book-club style podcast covering everything from comics to movies, tv shows, anime, manga, and more. New episodes are available every Wednesday.

The Captain's Log

A weekly off-topic podcast where we can come together and talk about our lives, laugh with friends, and have a good time. New episodes are available every Monday.


A weekly video game podcast where we discuss the latest news from around the industry, talk about the games we've been playing, and more. New episodes are available every Tuesday.

The Reactor Corps

A special podcast that we do whenever there is a new blockbuster movie or Netflix show we cannot help but talk about. Get your spoilercasts here.

The Whatnauts Podcast

Our original, now dead podcast. This was our weekly book club style podcast before we had The Review Show. With over 100+ episodes, there is still a bunch of content to check out in this show.