Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Venom – The Captain’s Log 233

Primal forces are at work when Melissa goes to a live production of Wicked. Kyle called Saul, and was the better for it. We look at the news coming out of CinemaCon, a convention where movie studios show off their upcoming projects to theater owners, including an R-rated Kraven The Hunter and a Beetlejuice sequel, henceforth known as Beetletwoce. We ask what if subpar movie universes combined their forces, what games we could put in a Whatnauts activity book, and how far Kyle should go to beat his new Duolingo enemy. Finally, a pocket Reactor Corps on the trailer for A Haunting in Venice!

The Whatnauts Captain’s Log is a weekly podcast where we talk about some of the latest pop culture news, share stories from our daily lives, play games, or whatever else we can think of.

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