Episode Zero – The Whatnuats Podcast 00

This is episode zero of The Whatnauts Podcast. It’s an introduction of sorts for the creators of The Whatnatus, Paul Kang and Kyle Springer. While it was not the first episode we ever recorded, we thought it wise to tell everyone a little about who we are. Of course, we were baby podcasters at the time and didn’t realize our eventual body of work would be the best source of information as to who we are. Nonetheless, here is episode zero.

The Whatnauts Podcast was the original podcast that we launched here at The Whatnauts. It was a weekly book club style show covering everything from comics to television shows, movies, anime, and more. Today, The Whatnauts Podcast is now known as The Review Show. We rebooted it, rebranded it, and gave it a nice little spit shine to make it sparkle.

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