The Black Tapes s1 – The Whatnauts Podcast Episode 1

The very first episode of The Whatnauts podcast is… not our best. But hey, you have to start somewhere, right? If this is the first episode of any of our podcasts you are thinking of listening to, then we recommend listening to something more recent. If you’re still going to be stubborn, I wish you luck.

We listened to the first season of The Black Tapes audio drama. Alex Reagan wants to start a podcast on unusual jobs, but is sidetracked at episode one: paranormal investigators. Once she encounters controversial debunker Dr. Richard Strand and his VHS tapes of “not yet solved” cases, the show takes a turn for the weird.

NOTE: We covered season two and season three of The Black Tapes Podcast in episode 50 and episode 97 of The Whatnauts Podcast respectively.

The Whatnauts Podcast was the original podcast that we launched here at The Whatnauts. It was a weekly book club style show covering everything from comics to television shows, movies, anime, and more. Today, The Whatnauts Podcast is now known as The Review Show. We rebooted it, rebranded it, and gave it a nice little spit shine to make it sparkle.

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